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Originally Posted by glove4 View Post
I continue to use all of my Klipsch models, the S3, S4 and X5, because they are in my opinion unrivaled as far as comfort goes. No IEM matches the ease with which I can use all of the above against every other IEM I have used, so all of the Klipsch IEM's have my highest recommendation usually anyway.

I am hoping to get my hands on their first over-ear model the Image One which is now finally available on some sites, but for $150, and some of the reviews popping up are all very positive. They'll be my next big splurge, no doubt.
Coincidentally, I just picked up the Image One from the Apple Store 2 days ago and absolutely LOVE 'em! The build, although plastic, is really solid and the sound quality bests even my $350 x10i's. Crystal clear mids and highs, with perfectly balanced bass. There's none of that "fart canon" rubbish with these. They're truly amazing. The only ear/head phones I like better are the Bowers & Wilkins P5's, but those are $150 more.

I'm an Amazon reviewer and was going to do a review there, but I guess the Image One is still too new and they haven't uploaded it yet.
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