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Thanks for the Link this is very interesting and also a very annoying thing to know As I am not sure if there is any driver for this on rockbox ... which means I would have to write the driver myself.

Btw. I never posted the link but here it is:

This is most of the content of Sysdata.bin extracted no folder structure unfortunately
pw: rockbox_port

I figured out how Sysdata.bin works. It is fairly simple.
I am currently writing a program to extract the entire thing even with folder structure.
If anyone out there knowing Java I could need some help to get it done faster .
Also I am sure we can replace files in Sysdata.bin like pictures and Stuff but I wouldn't suggest to replace bigger files. We don't know if there's any room left on the player for a bigger sysdata.bin and we don't know what would happen. But for smaller files it shouldn't be a problem but this would mean I would have to write another program which again takes time so for now I will just stick with extraction as there is some files I'd like to see how they are organized.

Update 2
I think we will skip porting Rockbox firmware and instead porting Rockbox as an application. Rockbox application is exactly the same but using drivers from the main system instead of the rewritten drivers for the rockbox firmware. Since we are running a linux already on our player we can use the rockbox firmware natively as an application. All I would need to do in theory is to compile the SDL Libraries for our linux kernel and make a new Kernelimage then port rockbox application and compile it as well. This will take some time but I think we do have a fairly good Chance of seeing Rockbox in a few weeks/months on our beloved YP-R0. Since its basically a two man show at the moment I would really like if someone has the time to give me a hand as it is a lot of work.

Have a good day guys! I'll keep you updated on the progress!

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