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just for your info:
scripts will be launched while booting there is a little way to trick it:

create another .sh script on the root of the player.
i called it
do the following in customscript:

sh /mnt/media0/ &
in myscript :
sleep 20
#Replace by any other command -> now the command will be launched after application is launched!
ps aux > /mnt/media0/process.txt
Also I tried many ways now to brick it even creating new folders on the player and try to mount some stuff.
Never ran into problems I still advise NOT to delete or change any files in there.
Also cp command runs great but cp -R seems to make it crash so don't use cp -R copy folders one by one using cp /file/* its the safest way to do it.

For anyone who wants to help.

I was hoping you could also help to figure out where the sysdata.bin files are. so far I have not been able to find them so I guess its a new mount somewhere else maybe even just a program /usr/local/bin/r0 calls by the way some programms to read and write on /dev/afe and someplace else (you can see it in hexeditor).
I hope we could figure out a way to change files in sysdata.bin to customize skins and layout. that would be cool for modders.
and on the the other hand I will try to compile rockbox as an application instead of porting drivers. since we have a linux we should be able to do that. there is a thread in rockbox forums under new ports: running rockbox as application.

Update 2
Found something interesting:

Filesystem 1M-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/bml2 35 35 0 100% /
/dev/stl2 64 5 59 8% /mnt/media1
/dev/stl3 7578 268 7310 4% /mnt/media0

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