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Did you transfer them with Emodio, or Windows Media Player...? They do not transfer folder information, just the tracks (which really sucks).

I think you're supposed to just drag your folders to the card (i.e. with all your albums organised). The R0 won't list tracks in the card in the Album or Artist menu, just the internal memory. To properly play albums in the card you have go to the card icon, so you better have a clear folder structure (however, it reads and displays mp3 tags correctly for card tracks).

Of course, in the main memory, the alphabetical list of songs would also appear in the folder browsing menu, but both artist and album should list the tracks by album and artist (provided the tags are consistent), which is more convenient. Still, I prefer a little folder organisation there too; it makes easier adding or deleting tracks. I also use a lot folder browsing.

I have my internal memory filled up, and some 8 Gb in a 16 Gb card. That makes a nice 32 Gb DAP!!
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