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Old 10-31-2010, 08:33 AM
skybluedream skybluedream is offline
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Thanks so much lebellium for the quick response!

So I need to fully charge the player first time? I suppose firmware updating only takes 4-10 mins max.?

I won't be transferring any files or removing anything.

Anyway I guess I'll do a full charge. Better safe than sorry.

I'm pretty much addicted to Creative's interface been using for 6+ years...but tired their new players since the past 8 months (many I might add) Very disappointed none live upto the Vision:M.

7.5 GB is pretty decent. I'll use the onboard memory for music only.

For videos I'll use the microSD card.

Very glad it supports On-The-Go playlists.

Just one quick question...

While playing a song there are playing options "Normal, Repeat, Repeat Track, Shuffle" The Creative one's have this option "Track once, Track x1"

It just plays the selected track from the playlist off 100 tracks.

Is this feature available on the Samsung?

Edit - Need your personal opinion on this.

I'll be getting this player through my friend in by chance if I stumble across the firmware bug.

I'm pretty much screwed but it's fixable I can ask him to take it back & send it to Samsung but this process will be very time consuming.

So would you recommend waiting for the Q3 to launch? Or you never know the Q3 might as well develop a firmware issue? lol

Any ideas when the Q3 will launch in USA? Capacities are 8 & 16 as you've mentioned in the Q3 forums....but since R0 is only available in 8 gigs on amazon...I don't expect much for the Q3.

I don't think I can wait any longer besides the launch price of the 16gig Q3 will be pretty much out of my budget of sub $100
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