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I hate to admit it but I reckon they will pretty soon consolidate their MP3/PMP division...

Their players just don't make any sense anymore.

Their just rehashed versions of the other...

They are using the same SoC since the "ZEN" for apparently all their players!

X-Fi, X-Fi Style, X-Fi2....just goes to show they no longer care either about the consumer.

Their new line of Sound Card's are also pretty crap...compared to the competition not to mention the bloated drivers.

I have their old Sound Blaster live 24-Bit/Audigy Value though which still works for 6+ years in Win 7 64 bit...

But those were their old products built to last...since the past 4-5 years they have just shot themselves in the foot by the looks of it!

They even won a Lawsuit against Apple & Apple paid them apparently millions 3-4 years ago...

Still they haven't done anything with that money...they have totally lost the plot & need management shake-up or they'll be heading down the road of "VIA"

VIA is pretty much a no-name they are the perfect example of Creative....VIA had a good motherboard business a couple of years they are nowhere to be seen.

They did the same fiasco like with their Nano processor like Creative did with the ZiiEgg....and as you know both these products never launched.

That's all.
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