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This player is very much on my radar seems just about perfect with the price...

I just need a clarification on it though

Have a look at this thread -

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Edit - Seems like this player is perfectly suited for WMP! A perfect match then.

Just a couple of questions though...

You mentioned in your review...

You can't create playlists on the player?

So you can't even create a "On-The-Go/Now Playing" playlist?

eg. On the creative players...

I just search for a song by Artist/Album & then select "Add To Selected"...that particular song get's added too "On-The-Go/Now Playing" playlist.

No way to do this on the Sony player then?

So I have to go in Artist/Album & play a song I want, always?

That would take some time getting used too & sounds really cumbersome!

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