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Originally Posted by Marvin the Martian View Post
Convert it to 16 bit FLAC......problem will be solved, and I highly doubt you'll hear any difference, unless you have the ears of a bat.
That happened to me to and this is what I did . The J3 was freezing too...
It was actually 3 electronic music songs in 24 bits (32 bits initially ?) I got them out of Fruity Loops myself , the good thing is that it even passed through the audiochecker when downgrading to 16 bit .
Unfortunatly, I've never got my hands on any interesting 24 bit release, even with the DVD audios I can't find anything, why the hell were the songs of the extremely popular artist Michael Jackson never released as such ? Anyways, it's already hard to tell the difference between 16 bit FLAC and 320 mp3 or V0 so maybe 24 bit FLAC is too much :P. No, I don't have bat ears lol !
As for the 24 bit vinyl release it makes no sense there is always too much noise. Even with proper ones, it still isn't like CD, I really don't get it, where's the point ...

As for playing : Foobar plays 24 bits perfectly and the J3 plays the downgraded 16 bit version perfectly too.
Wait, I switch to my big computer I'll upload a screen :P.
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