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There is a way to get album arts also on other file (I tried with a flac on the R1 file but I think it works with every file type also on the R0). First of all the player must be set in MTP mode, then drag & drop your file into player memory, if it's not inside yet, be sure that the file is correctly tagged at least for "album" and "artist", then convert the file in mp3, tag it (with also the album art) and synchronize it with windows media player, then delete the mp3 from player's memory. Turn on the player and try to play your file (the first one you put inside), the album art should work! For every album you want to get the album art you should synchronize just one tagged mp3 file. Synchonizing the mp3 will be create a folder called "album" in which are saved the album arts, if the player plays a file it will search inside this folder for the right album arts, also for non mp3 files.
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