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So I don't want to jump in on a speculative conversation about something we're all guessing over, but...

Remember that Apple, Microsoft, etc... we ALL license music from the same folks. Those "folks" are disadvantaged if any one licensee gets too big, ie: it behooves them to ensure there are multiple successful licensees. Also remember that pricing is not set by the licensee, but by the content owners. Sure, licensees can propose ideas and make suggestions, but at the end of the day the owner of the content sets the price.

Finally, I would humbly suggest that Zune is a business Microsoft is increasing our push behind NOT because we don't think anyone else in the business could do a subscription service. There are competitors, there may be more competitors soon, there may be fewer soon. Who knows? But nobody should assume that a new competitor - no matter who they are - would mean the end of Zune Pass. This is not a zero-sum game. In fact - and this is just my personal opinion - after years of Steve Jobs ridiculing the concept of subscription music, I would find it refreshing (ironic & amusing, but mainly refreshing) to see Apple about-face and support the model.

Just sayin'...

Cheers, Dave.
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