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I probably need to put this through my A700 headset for this to be clear. The K2 bit was a method that JVC came up with to try and deal with losses due to digitalisation of audio content. From CD's to the current codecs. Think this is centred on the high's that are lost with mp3's.

I think maybe those people running lossless codecs might not feel the big difference with this thing. But I don't know since this player can't play the common lossless codecs out there.

For me the best thing are the profiles that you can set up to tune a pair of head-sets to your requirements, both on pan/balance (which I've learned about here ^^) as well as the amount of low/high freq sounds. And of course, gapless playback.

I still struggle to find any new DAP that comes close to this, though perhaps I might have to. Seems like JVC discontinued this.

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