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OK, more tip madness for the Panas.

My 12 pack of large black VModa tips finally arrived today - kinda slow mailing I felt. Used the same place that vision1994 link a ways back here on this thread - find it yourself, i am too lazy. They were mailed in a manila padded standard letter sized envelope and came loose inside the mailer. They could have used a smaller padded envelope and maybe included the tips inside some kind of cheap glassine zip envelope.

Whatever. Reliable company though.

So I decided to post pics of all the tips I have that work with the Panas. Pics first and then my own brief subjective impressions for each and how they fit/feel

Tip order for both pics [all tips are the large/largest size except for Sony which are medium - didn't want to remove them from my VBs]
Panasonic stock
Hippo VB stock
Sony Hybrid

Just the reverse view of the tip nozzle tubes, same order:

I will say this now: I detect no noticeable change in the overall Pana sound using any of the tips above - I always got a pretty OK seal even with the smaller than normal feeling "large" tips that the Panas came with so my bass response has always been good.

Pana stock eartip: I have no issues with these after 3 weeks of daily, heavy use on the Pana IEMs themselves. Thin, but not as thin to me as the Sony Hybrids. A bit smallish feeling "large" than the others, but I have no problem keeping the IEMs in my ears. Not bad at all IMO after 3 weeks.

VModa eartips: Immediately, I like these. Alot. They are definitely more in line with what I consider "large" tips. The material is a tad thicker I think than the stock Panas and Hybrids. My seal is noticeably better using these - which means that while my seal with the Panas was ok, it could have been better. Also, importantly, these VModas, perhaps by their shorter interior support tube, definitely brings the nozzle sound tube of the Panas closer to the aperture. I can see it clearly with the VModas and can easily detect the IEM grill - whereas with the stock tips, the grill is further recessed from the aperture. The aperture on these VModas is also huge in diameter. All this makes a difference in sound? I don't think so as I didn't detect anything, but I ain't no pro. The fit feels very secure though in truth I am not a crazy active headbanging kind of guy.

Hippo VB stock eartips: The ones I like the least. They are actually a bit more squarish than round like the others. Funny. When I first got the VBs, I liked them a lot as until that point I was only using crappy stock CX300/EP630/Aurvana tips. Then I learned about the Sony Hybrids here from dfkt and others. These are non-starters for both the Panas and my VBs. They are now last ditch emergency replacement tips for my stuff in my eyes.

Sony Hybrids:
These have been my faves, though I have extremely limited experience with this kind of thing. The silicon is condom thin, but the seal I have been getting on my VBs has been superb and I can wear these for days on end. The sound aperture is the narrowest of all the tips. These fit me so good on the VBs that when I remove them, I hear suction in my ears. But oddly, I think the shape of the Pana IEM housing is reducing the Hybrid effectiveness/perfect fit for me that I get with the VBs. My love of the Hybrids is diminished a bit for use on the Panas.

Order of Preference for the Panasonic HJE900:
VModa [though have not used them out in real world NYC noise situations yet]
Panasonic stock eartips
Sony Hybrids
Hippo VBs.

There is one more tip I plan to try - the tips that dfkt and so many others seem to love. That's coming at some point.

Also, you notice I don't mention isolation. I don't really care so much. All of the tips, even the stock VB tips did a decent job of closing me off from the outside world. But I am not listening at high volumes anyway, including on busy NYC streets. But all, with some heavy Opeth playing, even on my comparatively low volumes, isolate me well enough that I cannot hear an arm's length snap of my fingers. Best way I can describe this.

Just my own inexpert impressions - tips, I always figured are exactly like IEMs or any subjective thing in life.

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