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Default microSD card randomly disconnects

Hey, has this happened to anyone else?

The player doesn't detect the card sometimes when I turn it on (nor will the card mount on a computer with the player connected when this happens). Turning it off and back on seems to fix it.

Sometimes it happens when I'm listening to music, though; it just stops playing. I'm not sure what causes it, since I've had it happen when sitting still and when out doing something (walking, working, etc.).

Information that may or may not be helpful: e260 v1.0, Rockbox 3.6, 8 GB Transcend microSDHC.

Not a quite major showstopper, but still annoying. Also, I may have to be getting a 16 GB card soon enough (thanks, Head-Fi!)...
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i'm gonna throw in a cold soldered joint or maybe a loose contact.
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Does it just stop playing or stop and lock-up?
Does it do the same with internal memory?
Have you tried re-formatting the microSDHC card?
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Funny you should say. I too experience the same issue. It happens only when I update (add/delete) music files. It is odd as when I add music, my Sansa does not properly detect the new files. I usually shut down and restart again OR select refresh database OR a combination of things.

I never really understood why the issue happens, but always wondered. Whatever you do, I hope you can post back updates to let us know as it goes.
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disconnect, disconnected, microsdhc

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