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Originally Posted by Giant Hogweed View Post
Unfortunately, no downgrade from 4.10 seems to be possible. I tried to downgrade to 3.09 using the same procedure as described in the above linked thread. After formatting, copying the .img and .rom files in the root directory, disconnecting and switching on I got an error message "Upgrade Failed - Invalid Image File Size". Then I tried to downgrade to 3.05, 4.06, 4.03 - same results. Only "upgrade" to 4.10 (the same version) worked.

So, as a warning: If you are thinking of upgrading to 4.10 be very sure about what you want. You probably won't be able to get back (unless somebody finds a trick and posts it here, which I'd greatly appreciate).
hey guys - i can now confirm that you can downgrade from 4.10 to something like 3.09. It's basically the same method (that's what I did). I took me a while, but i realised that you need windows to recognise it as a device.

Download the firmware you want installed and a program called tcctool and follow what this link says:

if you want to downgrade to an MTP format, you need to make windows recognise the device,that way you can drop the ROM and IMG files into the 'data' file. i did this by going into device manager, finding my device that couldn't be installed properly and letting windows install it's own mtp drivers. You should be able to see your device, on the my computer screen, not as a listed drive like "f:\" but the device itself. I think it's only do-able using XP, i don't see a 'data' folder when i plug it into my vista or win7
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