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Originally Posted by Spk282 View Post
Hopefully both pads are comfortable to the ears, that is my first concern when looking at the headphones. Does the plastic seem like you could scratch it easily and ruin the matte finish?
Both pads are comfy, the TMA-1 don't have overly much clamping force. Way less than the HD25, for example.

The outside is rubbery, not hard, so it should be basically scratch-resistant. They were made for drunk and/or stoned DJs, after all. Lenovo/IBM notebooks have a similar finish.

Originally Posted by Spk282 View Post
Personally would prefer a straight cord.
Me too. Luckily the cable is replaceable, and the connector at the ear cup is a standard 3.5mm plug. So either AIAIAI might release a straight cord, or one could very easily whip one up themselves (which is what I'm going to do today or tomorrow).

I think other brands use that standard approach as well, so there might actually be some fitting cables already available.

Originally Posted by DragonBottles View Post
Help me out here dfkt, I need to know if these are worth it or if there's better in the price range. What's the isolation like?
I can't say more about their sound quality, need to spend a few weeks before I can give a real verdict. But for the looks alone they're more than worth it, IMO - they are definitely my favorite looking cans so far. In reality they're just as awesome to look at (and touch) as on the photos.

Isolation with the pleather pads is decent enough, already used them on the crowded street today. The foam pads isolate way less.

Originally Posted by DragonBottles View Post
One of my favorite songs is called TMA-1 - oh god I need these.
I assume you mean the Rosetta song? That's a good one, indeed.

From Music you have in common includes Darkspace, Electric Wizard, Blut aus Nord, Alcest and God Is an Astronaut. - nice improvement since I looked last.
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