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Old 10-06-2010, 09:31 AM
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Originally Posted by DSperber View Post
I'm about to go through this whole "encase the J3 in Carbonite" process one more time. I had to RMA my original J3 to Cowon

Anyway, because the original J3 was sent to them imbedded inside of the Cowon leather case (which has three stiff metal prongs that hold the player securely) and I simply could not remove the player to send just it to them, it turns out that Cowon too was unable to remove it cleanly in order to examine it for its problem. So they obviously had to destroy the leather case (i.e. prongs) in the process.

Hence, they returned to me not only a brand new J3, but also a new leather case and a new LCD+body protective plastic sheet kit (as I'd applied to my problem J3).
Ok. Finally got around to doing this last night.

The application of the front LCD protective sheet went quickly this time, and without a problem. I also used a micro-fiber cloth (for cleaning my eyeglasses) instead of a 100% cotton cloth, to push out the air bubbles and flatten out the sheet completely, once it was applied. No scuffs or scratches resulted from using this micro-fiber cloth, so I was very happy. And there are no bubbles under the plastic.

Interestingly, Cowon had sent me the LCD+body kit but I had to take the replacement "new" J3 they'd sent me back down to them for a second exchange, because their replacement wasn't actually "new" in my opinion. There were about 12 scratches and scuffs on the screen, and this was simply unacceptable. So when I drove down there for this second exchange, the guy who brought me out the new replacement also gave me an LCD sheet as well (even though I didn't really need it).

Well last night I decided I would use the front plastic sheet from this LCD-only item he'd given me, and keep the LCD+body kit for some future use if it ever became necessary. Curiously, the LCD-only kit does not contain that little "smile" plastic protector for the brushed metal portion of the front of the J3 below the screen (when held in portrait mode). I didn't know that, because I'd used the LCD+body kit the last time and DID have the "smile" plastic in that one.

Furthermore, I decided NOT to go into my LCD+body kit for that "smile", because I really do like the way the brushed metal area looks. I actually was sorry the last time I did this after applying the plastic "smile" protector, as it kind of ruined the elegant look of the J3's front design.

Finally, I also decided NOT to apply the protective plastic body sheet (with the infamous "flaps") to the back of the J3. Since I was going to insert the J3 into the Cowon leather case anyway, why would I need the protective plastic on the back?

So once I got the front sheet applied and flattened out, I simply put the J3 into the new leather case Cowon had also sent me. And remarkably (or maybe not so remarkably), this time the J3 went in fairly easily and with no fighting or extra pressure involved like last time. It's still snug and secure, but reasonably so this time instead of impossibly snug like last time.

I'm guessing that just those few "microns" of extra width added to the body's external dimensions by the application of the thin, but non-zero, protective body plastic sheet makes all the difference. Obviously the three metal prongs on the Cowon case are machined to perfectly grasp (without excessive pressure) the "naked" J3. I suspect I could actually get the J3 out of the case now, if I wanted to or needed to, without destroying anything (as Cowon had to do last time when trying to repair my RMA'd J3).

If I wasn't using the leather case I would have applied the plastic body sheet. But given what I learned last time, I must say that if you plan to use the Cowon leather case for your J3 then do NOT apply the body plastic sheet.
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