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Originally Posted by mrhokum View Post
Thanks for all the help, I did download Mediamonkey. Seems like it will work fine, but I haven't really been using it much yet. Still just drag and dropping with IE, and organizing with Creative Mediasource 5 Organizer.

SO I have a question regarding how people organize their files. Like I mentioned I like to use the drag and drop to add or remove albums from the player. It seems the easiest way to access and play the albums is using the artist list. But if I come across a compilation it won't come up together as an album, it's just listed by each artist on the comp. So I've been selecting and playing by album. Works great for comps and album titles I recognize, but not so great for album titles I'm not as familiar with. So I end up changing the album titles with Creative Mediasource 5 Organizer so they include the artist then the album.

This works great, but is rather time consuming. I'd love to hear if anyone else has a good solution to this problem. Or of a quicker way to do what I'm doing.

thanks again - Brian
Hey, your issue with compilations/various artists is common. However, you will have to do some legwork with ID3 tagging to get things sorted out, especially in a manner that works for you.

First, for all my ID3 tagging [which is for every single audio file I have], i exclusively use mp3tag:

Next, you will need to decide the naming/tagging convention that works for you.

For me as an example, I always do this:
Album: Voices
Various Artists

So I tag and make my filenames like this:

Various Artists - Voices - 02 - Who Wants To Live Forever [Sarah Brightman].mp3

Various Artists - Voices - 03 - Mama [Luciano Pavarotti].mp3

etc, etc...

Get it?

For me the above makes the most sense. YMMV. Regardless, it sounds like you need to come up with some kind of consistent system for yourself to avoid the hassles you mention.

hth and cheers,
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