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Default Xtra doesn't recognize charger

Hi all, was wondering if anyone could help me.

I used to have an Xtra around 5 years ago, recently bought a new one. I found one on eBay with a 120GB hard drive so ordered it pretty swiftly. When it arrived it had absolutely no indication that it had ever been used (aside from the larger HDD), no scratches, dents etc.

I used it for around a week, recharged the battery once or twice, no problems at all. Then when I was transferring music across the other day it ran out of charge. Fine, I thought, I'll plug in the charger. There was no indiciation that it recognized the charger and won't recharge the battery. After skimming through the other posts on here it seems many people have had a similiar problem (booting to the EAX screen, etc.) but I couldn't find a solution for my particular problem.

I'd be very grateful for a fix, I've only had this Xtra for just over a week and would be very sad to consign it to the trash.

To reiterate:
Won't start-up (on battery power or AC, not even to EAX),
Won't charge when connected to AC,
No icons to indicate charging.
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Just tried it with another charger set to positive polarity, 5V. No dice.
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Hey I got 2 Xtras. Before you ditch it, suggest you get a new battery for it. One of mine started to exhibit similar symptoms - I thought it was going bad as well, but then read to try getting a new battery. It worked and now I am set for both devices.

Try it before dumping it...
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Thanks for the reply, just about to order a new battery now.
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