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Originally Posted by medion View Post
A lot of this is from memory (which is why it's faulty). Case in point, I have the Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM7230 listed as a 1ghz processor that is downlocked to 800mhz for the G2. I was wrong, it is an 800mhz CPU, period. The 1ghz version is the QSD8x55 which is being used in the upcoming Desire HD (same CPU as the current SD, just 45nm for better efficiency and battery life, and Adreno 205GPU).

The current writeup on my machine has a lot of this info corrected, and I'll be doing an update "soon" to include an updated chart. That update should end up on the ABI front page. But to directly answer your question, I do intend to have some source links added.
Sounds good! I didn't want to down on your thread, I would just like to read up for myself too ^__^
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