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Originally Posted by The DarkSide View Post
I'm currently using the double-flange Altec Lansing tips - and they work pretty good. Amazingly enough, these darn things make my Nano 5G sound great. The bass is sweet, and the sound stage is wide,...............too bad I'm not gonna use 'em for exercise - I love them too much to take a chance on damaging them.
Some observations:

I find these useless for the gym b/c of the short cable and fairly loose fit in the ears. These 'phones seem to make lesser sources sound really good. For some reason these sound pretty bad on my EF2A, yet I find them very enjoyable on my DAPs and they even make my terrible integrated sound somewhat clear. . . . the crappier the source the better with these! So strange. . .

I still haven't decided if I'm going to sell these or try to change them. . . I'm not sure they are worth the money.

How does the foam mod work exactly? Does one remove the filter?
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