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Originally Posted by stridr View Post
I tried reloading everything last night and the problem is fixed. The way I tried to fix it previously had a one major flaw because n resetting to factory default settings, I'd reset the player back to "autodetect mode."

Here is what worked for me:

1. Reformat the player using the command in the player's settings.
2. Reset to default factory settings.
3. Turn player off and on again. (I don't know if this is necessary, but that's what I did.)
4. Switch player to MSC mode. -< IMPORTANT
5. Plug player into computer with USB cable.
6. Copy and paste the folders containing music on my hard frive into "Music" folder using Windows Explorerer.

It now works perfectly, with no numbers in front of the file names.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this thread and tried to help me. I hope this will be of use to other people who encounter this problem.
It always does work with the internal drive's "MUSIC" folder - the problem occurs only with the "external uSD card" drive. The solution I posted above gets around the problem.

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