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Originally Posted by hdablin View Post
How are the Panasonics in comparison with Earsonics SM3 (regardless of price)? I'm going to 'phones for my portable setup and both of them are seems to be great ones.

According to chart made by fdkt, these Panasonics are better then SM3. But how they compare if the price doesn't matter?
Actually, since I had the SM3, I've always listed them as my favorite IEMs in the spreadsheet thread.

The SM3 are the most dynamic, the fastest IEMs, with the best treble to my ears, and a generally neutral yet rich, full sound rendition. Some people might not like their rather forward midrange in comparison - it took me quite a while as well, but now I'm happy I gave the SM3 a chance. Really happy.

The HJE are very dynamic and fast too, expecially for a dynamic driver phone, but they deliver more of a loudness-shaped frequency response.

Build quality of the SM3's housing can't compete with the HJE's zirconia housing in any way, but the cable is one of the best out there. Isolation is a bit better with the SM3.
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