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The right angle SA6 cord works a treat. The straight pins would have the same issues as the Panasonic cord, well, minus the short length. I'm wearing them with the SA6 cord now, I posted this in the Owner's group section because this thread is becoming endless.

Satellite_6 pondered:
EDIT: I have read multiple opinions of these stating that they don't sound as good as the $70 S4s. Do you guys think there is any truth in this is or do some people just not appreciate them b/c of their subtle sound?
Highly improbable. I returned S4s to J&R and got these. I literally listened to them back-to-back. To me, I'd swear the Image S4s are entry-level rebranded UEs, but with a bassier mold. They are pretty good, but they don't really do anything exceptionally well. For me. Very responsive, but relaxed. I prefer energetic, analytical gear. I want to feel the cymbal shave a 1/16" splinter (exactly 1/16"!) off a drum stick. The music? It;s secondary to dissecting the recording for microdynamics. :^)

If I had to give a micro-review on the spot, I'd say it's these HJE900s are more like a circumaural than an IEM. dfkt said as much. They're punchy, they're dynamic alright--; almost forceful in their voicing. Their ability to resolve microdynamics is what makes them worth figuring out how to calm the sibilance or rig up a new cord. I guess they're like a Grado product. Perhaps an SR225. That's it. It's an SR225 in IEM form. Punchy, airy, detailed, a presence that puts you there, but with a whole set of quirks like the sibilance and the short cord ... and it's destined to be a phone that people either love, or hate. The Grado analogy fits.

I've certainly spent more to get less.
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