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Default Audiobooks & Bookmarks

I recently purchased a J3 to begin replacing my aging Creative Zen Vision M

I wanted both bookmark capability for easily resuming listening to the audiobooks I download from my public library and listening to and recording FM radio.

I have figured out how to save my spot in the book via bookmark but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to access the bookmarks. And to compound my frustration, the J3 doesn't even seem to remember where I left off if I stop.

Oh, and the fast forwarding makes a mockery of the word 'fast' compared to my Creative.

Is there a more detailed Manual that might help me navigate through these issues?

Maybe I just bought the wrong player. The sound on the J3 is great but I really need a good audiobook player (with FM Radio/record), not a fantastic music player because I rarely use it for that.

Thanks for any help!
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To access the bookmarks - on the music playing screen, click on the three lines on the top left that'll take you to a song list. Click it again to get to a favourites list. Then click a third time to cycle through to the bookmarks. Sounds worse than it is in practice.

To speed up the ffwd, go to Settings, Music, then Seek interval to change this to a setting that will suit you better

Usually when you turn the player back on, and you press the 'play' button the side, it'll resume what/where you left off.

Have fun, you made a good choice with the J3 once you find your way through.

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I now found the bookmark I set earlier today but I don't know what happened to the ones I set a few days ago. Oh well. Maybe it will work for me now that I know where to find them.

Also, I think I discovered why it wasn't picking up where I left off. When I went to Settings as you suggested to adjust the seek interval, I noticed that Resume was set to off. It now picks up where I left off when I turn it back on! Fabulous!

Now all I need to do is find a good case for it and, ideally, bluetooth headphones for it ;-)

Thanks so much for your help. It was right on the money!
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audiobooks, bookmarks

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