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Originally Posted by BlindBandit View Post
For the love of god men, get yourself some good earbuds, i can't stand the Zune stock earphone.
I know man. But My brother breaks all his headphones and steals mine so I don't bother getting nice onces. Basically I have some Sony DJ Stereo Headphones (I would damn well notice if he took these) but those are mostly for home use. I use like 30 dollar buds for like anything else. Also In my opinion apps are for show. I've talked to people who play games on there iPod Touch and say they get pretty boring after 10 minutes. In regards to custom EQs it would be nice but I just leave it off because since there is not one I have to change EQs every time a different genre starts playing. Last I checked iPods did not have custom EQs either.
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