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Default Musician looking for IEM

Hey guys,

Im a student and a working musician working in the NY area. My concern is that I use my headphones to both practice with and to hear the mix on recording dates. The big concern is because I play an acoustic instrument(trombone), I need as little noise blockage/reduction as possible so I can still hear a unaltered version of my own horn while I'm hearing the mix at the same time. That being said, I know most other headphones are better for this but the problem is that physical layout of the trombone makes it imposable for me to use anything else but IEM/earbuds while I play. So my question is, what would be the best quality solution for me that might still cost under $100. Looking around, I found

They look nice and I read the review on it on this sight. Would these be the best option for me? also reading the reviews on the amazon sight, it seems these headphones might be fake, does that look true? Anyways, thanks for your help!
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Some history on the V-Moda Vibes (from my memory, subject to correction)...when they first came out they were the "Headphones of the Month" at Head-Fi (and maybe here at ABi). Apparently they sounded great, and I wanted a pair but didn't feel right spending over $100 on earphones. Then there started to be problems reported with durability. The original Vibes had straight plugs, like the ones pictured on the amazon page that you linked. V-Moda changed to an angled plug and I THINK (but am not certain) that some of the problems disappeared. Regardless they drifted off my radar.

The Vibes returned to my radar last week because of a couple of comments here at ABi. First there is now a 2010 version which is supposed to be stronger. Second there is a seller on eBay called 128headphones who is selling V-Moda overstocks in large quantity at great prices. One member has commented that they may be fakes. One member has bought from 128headphones and is happy, but has no way to tell if they are fakes.

So I ordered a pair of Midnight Blue Vibes with an angled plug. They are $15 with free shipping to the US ($2 shipping to Canada). They haven't arrived yet, and even if they had, I have no way to tell if they are fakes. Personally I doubt that they are fakes based on a number of intangibles including location of seller, volume, number of types of V-Moda products.

You may wish to check out 128headphones yourself. BTW, the 2010 Vibes with a nice accessory package are $40 (free shipping).

Good luck, Steve

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I just got the 2010 vibe's so far the sound is nice (and quite colored) but at this point I don't want to comment too much on it.

And the build quality is simply awesome for the price, the cable feels solid, the strain reliefs look fine and the housings feel super solid, the only thing that annoys me so far is the 45 degree plug.
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Audeo Perfect Bass headphones! Under $100 on Amazon and they look and sound great! They're better known as the Audeo PFE's, but I think the only difference between these two headphones is the bass/acoustic filter that can be switched out.
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Just a quick followup. Received my order from 128headphones this afternoon. Shipping to Canada in just under two weeks is very good. I ordered one Vibe and one Bass Freq. In very limited use, they work just fine. I have no way of knowing if they are real or very good fakes. The packaging seems very real, but I have never seen V-Moda product in real life (just on the Internet). The product packaging received matches the pictures that I remember seeing.

Re Alon93's comments, the angled plug on the Vibes isn't annoying me yet. I am used to a straight plug. When I first listened to the Vibes (on a Samsung YP-Z5), I thought that I noticed the colouring that he/she mentioned. But later I wasn't really sure. Wish I had a good way to A-B some earphones. I used to have a headphone splitter, but couldn't find it quickly. Not that I'll be able to provide some dfkt quality comments.

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