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"the highs are, to me, fantastic without any EQ."

They sound pretty bad to me, even EQ'd.

"Someone mentioned the mids being distant - not sure I can agree. They sound fine to me, but I admit I sometimes have trouble distinguishing the quality of the mids for some reason. Highs and lows are easier."

That's me, the mids seem to have become a bit more forward with more listening. It took me a long time to realize it but I think the quality of the mids is really good, but they are very subtle mids which I find boring.

"If I have any complaints at all, it's the tips and the cord "coupler." The coupler (if that's what it's called) is virtually useless. It will not maintain its position once slid up. Not a deal-breaker for me."

Twist it!

I need better tips I think. . . stock ones are not that great.

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