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I tag as follows, doing songs individually:

Album Artist:
Various Artists
Artist: the name of the artist on that song.
Genre: the genre for that song.

When I do it this way, all the artist's tracks show up in an artist search, and the album comes up in an album search. The specific tracks show up for specific genre or artist searches.

If you've got multiple artists on one track (a duet or collaboration), then do it this way:

Title: We Be Funky
Album Artist: Various Artists
Artist: Prince, George Clinton

When you put the comma between artists, it will separate the artists for the purposes of an artist search, and bring up that track if you search for either artist. If you do it this way:

Artist: Prince and George Clinton
Artist: Prince & George Clinton

It sees this as one artist instead of two, and acts a little odd when it comes to indexing.

This has been my experience with it, anyway. Of course, I did my original tagging in a different program (MediaMonkey) because Zune seems to be a little weird about writing tags. It tags for itself, but doesn't necessarily write a tag for the track if used outside of the Zune software.

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