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Default Album Reviews?

One of the great features of the zune software I love is the ability to read a review of an album if one is available. Do these sync to the player like the artist bio does?
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It might be a zune pass feature. I tried it and didn't like it so I'm sure. I just receive a generic bio from and zune users act like its the greatest thing since sliced bread
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I've never seen album reviews anywhere at all. This is in the software marketplace? Huh.

If they're there, they don't sync over. But hey, you already bought the album.
- Grant F
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Great idea!
I've seen the reviews on the web pages for albums...not in the zune software and not in the Zune HD for sure....would be a great addition....

These are the types of improvements I would like to see...not the apps I am seeing coming from them...I guess they are busy with WP7 development but man they still need to fix some core things with the ZuneHD music experience....
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You guys have never seen album reviews in the Marketplace? Man, I read them all the time. One of my requests for the Zune HD (before it came out) was the now playing screen saver, artist info and pics, related artists, and album reviews. They implemented everything but the album reviews~! WTF? Might as well add it in a future update if they added all that other stuff.
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the album reviews are great! I have lots of albums in my collection I don't know (from friends etc) and I love now being able to read an album review before playing it to get an idea of the style etc etc

Glad to hear its not just me who would like this feature!

And I agree - these improvements (and others to the core music functionality of the Zune HD) need to come before apps and games.
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