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Wow, it's rare that new meat leave such a foul taste.

Do you ALWAYS do the miffed drama queen Grand Entrance thing with EVERY forum you join? Come storming in, feigned indignation, uber-dick-waving mode, foaming at the mouth, firing at anything that moves?

I'm not going to get into a pissing match with you. Your classic "moving the goalposts" tactic is... boring -- and in any event. I don't expect you to last very long around here -- it's generally a FRIENDLY place, and argumentative thorns clearly chafing for a FIGHT don't tend to, ahem... "prosper."

Enjoy the object of your iAffections. Or iAffectations, or iWhateverTF. Knock yourself out, kitten.

Bye now.

/m_k yawns, stretches, and leaves to go see if the new forumware includes a plonk-key.

Originally Posted by sAfuRos View Post
Uh...did i write something that i can't see? What are you so offended by?
Oh and its cheerios, not wheaties. Get it?

Your post seemed to post rockbox above the ipod in terms of games and video. In both cases, terribly untrue. Comparing the fuze to the ipod and then praising the abilities of fuze's multimedia capabilities suggests as much, anyways.
Further, you seem to be of the mind that rockbox will never happen for the fuze+
And the resolution of the fuze+ and screen size will soon blow away anything rockbox fuze can offer once fuze+ rockbox is offered. And videos in general on the fuze+ will be much nicer, you just have to convert them (oh no!).

And, whether or not YOU need slick doesn't convince anyone that they don't. I wasn't aware that we were discussing how much you love rockbox; on the contrary, i thought we were talking about why some people dislike it. Go ahead, like rockbox, i wont stop you, and i never said i would.
Who pissed in YOUR cheerios? (and kudos to who did lololol so funny)
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