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Default New Zune hardware in the works?

Just saw this on Engadget...
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And just like that, the rumor mill starts churning again. *sigh* Can we at least wait for the Zune HD to have its first birthday?

And, in my opinion, a price drop and firmware update would be a better investment of MS's money than the R&D for a new device.
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I am shocked that microsoft has something in the works.
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I don't care about a stupid ZuneHD2. Even if they release a ZuneHD2, all I care about is if they keep releasing updates and keep supporting the current ZuneHD, and don't let the current ZuneHD die and make current ZuneHD owners feel like their money has been flushed down the toilet. If they do happen to release a ZuneHD2, then I really really do hope that they will be able to port as much as the ZuneHD2's new features to the current ZuneHD through firmware updates etc. so the current ZuneHD owners (like me) don't have to shell out another $250 for a new device that might as well end up in the same place as the current ZuneHD is.
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I don't see the point of it other than to follow Apple's direction to be honest...purely from a marketing/strategy point of view...most customers want a "I can do everything including bath you" device rather than devices that are good at a particular thing...
They are putting a ton of resources and money into the WP7 so I would expect that if there is a Zune HD2 it's just the WP7 with some mods and no SIM card slot...waste of money to me...I'd rather get the phone with it...

I can honestly see a bigger chance in the future for media dedicated devices as it's obvious Apple and MS are moving into generalized all encompassing devices than making a device that does a couple of things really well...
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I'm fine with the existence of another Zune HD, as long as they don't leave the old one in the dust, like apple did with older ipod touches and IOS4.

Also, why does everyone call it the Zune HD 2? I think it's a bad name for it.
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It doesn't matter if they prepare a new device...if it has the same "ecosystem" logic, battery life (with touchscreen on), screen resolution and no flac support, it will be just another Zune hardware for the masses...nothing really better.
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"Retina Display"

***runs and hides***
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Dave ?

A new PMP project on the road ?

Changes in your division ?

Or a merge of mobile divisions ?
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