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Since getting my J3 I have tried nearly all of the UCIs designed for the S9 and most work fine. Once you have download the UCI and unpacked the files into a temporary folder on your PC, you need to decide which of the three slots you want to use. You then have to rename the new UCI swf file to mainmenu1.swf, mainmenu2.swf or mainmenu3.swf depending on the slot.

Connect your J3 to your PC and then copy the swf file to the System\Flash UI folder on the device. When you disconnect the J3 and turn it on you can select the new menu depending on the slot you have chosen (there is usually an option to change the current menu in the UCI). If you were using the default menu (i.e. '1') when you connected the J3 to the PC and copy a mainmenu1.swf file, you will see the new menu when you turn the device on.

To uninstall the UCI just connect your J3 and delete the relevant swf from the System\Flash UI folder.

I have designed a few UCIs for my J3, the latest one (Simple Desire) is at:
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