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I used to like the Wii. I used to think Nintendo had a great idea here.
But then, I found that Nintendo was keeping its foot jammed into the door on the threshold to next gen.

The Wii can't be "patched"; games can't be either. There is no extra DLC to speak of, and the WiFi service is absolutely laughable.

The Wii was supposed to revolutionize gaming. Instead of random button pressing, we were supposed to get cool new motion controls.

Now we have random stick waving instead. Can't say I like it much better.

It took them almost 3 years to get Motion Plus out (which lets the Wii now do what it was SUPPOSED to do).

On a side note, the AI in Brawl is fairly good; their attack patterns actually vary based on stimuli from the player (unlike in Melee and the original, where they followed set patterns).

The Wii has lost the price advantage as well. It would be nice if we could get new hardware.

The 3DS looks excellent, though. Can't wait to see the PSP get pounded to the ground.

By marketing to everyone, I think Nintendo just threw all the hardcore gamers under the bus. The only good first party games that are worth playing are only coming from Nintendo (apart from some few gems). This is ridiculous. You don't see Sony make the majority of the good games on the PS3. Microsoft doesn't make the majority of those either. Granted, they're companies with focuses other than gaming, but the point still holds.
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