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Originally Posted by k15goose View Post
ok, i went out and payed the price for REAL sennheiser cx300
and i love them, or loved them...
the sound is awesome, theyre comfortable, stylish...
everything i was looking for, but one major complaint
i went running with them last night and everytime the chord bounces against my chest, it makes a loud pounding noise in each ear. the vibration of the chord hitting me travels up the earphones and is very annoying.
is this because of the very thin wire after the split or another reason?
and if it happens with all the sennheisers, which headphones do not do this?
i need something comfortable, preferably black, and wont fall out when i run
does anyone have a suggestion?
For same reason I was unable to use Creative EP-630!
"It's not a bug, it's a feature" of all in-ears.
Now I have Sony MDR-ED 21 LP and they are great (especially the lowest bass)!
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This is microphonic transfer, what you have is the modern equivelent of a Tin-can telephone.

Either run the wires under your vest or tape the wire to your skin with a bit of micropore or bandaid. This will stop the vibrations travelling straight into your ears.

This will happen with every IEM, and the better the seal in in your ear canal, the more prominent it wll be.
'There is a fine line between clever and stupid'..David St Hubbins
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Hello, i have 14 dollars right now and i need a decent pair of headphones, until i can buy the sony's fontopia
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JVC Marshmallows at Circuit City online for under $10. You can order online for store pickup.
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Anyone have an opinion about "Skull Candy"?? Are they any good?
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Originally Posted by unicorn View Post
Anyone have an opinion about "Skull Candy"?? Are they any good?
No, they're terrible.
Please don't PM me with questions that can be answered in a forum thread. Don't be an idiot.
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