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Default Cannot Play; File is damaged

Has anyone come across this error playing MP3s on their X-Series? A lot of my music seems to be getting the above error 5-10 seconds before the end of the song. All music plays fine on my PC.
Im using J.river media jukebox to transfer, but my files play fine in every audio player i've tried. WMP, Media Monkey, VLC etc.

If anyone knows why this is happening please let me know. Its driving me crazy!!
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it happened to me once. i have no clue as to why cause that same mp3 plays fine on my computer,cowon s9,samsung p2 and ipod touch. ive yet to find other mp3 tracks that does this. hope a firmware update can fix this.
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Old 07-31-2009, 06:37 AM
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Think i've cracked it, in case it happens to anyone else. I downloaded a program called mp3val which validates mp3s. it found errors with the files that were causing the message. and after it fixed them i (currently) have no problems playing the songs.
You should give it a try Mixed, see if it solves your problem. just google it and you'll find it

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Old 10-03-2009, 10:00 AM
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I also had this same problem. I tried mp3val, but that didnt fix the problem. It turns out that my sony mp3 player had some trouble reading the id3tags on my music. I guess when tagging my music using mp3tag, it automatically added apev2 tags that the player cant read. Just use mp3tag to remove the unnecessary tags.
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I know I'm really late, but I think any help can be useful.
Converting the .mp3 files to .m4a solves the problem for me.
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