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Old 09-08-2010, 04:46 PM
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Originally Posted by gunslingerfry View Post
And I thought I was insane for having 1500kb/s video on the J3! There's no reason to have those files so large. They're just wasting valuable space on your J3/storage card.

Actually these AVI files were made years ago targeted for my PC (not the J3), converted from captured 640x480 MPG's (via S-video analog, from my TV capture card) and I really didn't have an idea what would make sense for the many parameters I had available to play with through VirtualDub and xVid.

I'm sure I experimented with a variety of video bitrates, looking for some acceptable value, but probably "erred" way on the "insane" side because it was "quality" I was concerned with, not file size. I certainly wanted to retain the original 640x480 dimensions, again because this was going to be played either on my PC or used to produce a DVD.

As far as audio is concerned, well I never really thought to compress what had been raw-captured by the TV capture card. Again, that high audio bitrate wasn't a problem for playback on the PC or on a DVD.

I agree, since I still have the original MPG captures, it probably seems very reasonable to spend some time and re-do these with the J3 in mind. Obviously I could get away with much lower bitrates and MUCH smaller file sizes.

On the other hand... the J3 DOES seem to be able to cope with these, as-is. Also, playing these 640x480 versions out to TV (using the USB TV-out video cable I purchased) presents them just like they were the originals. Same audio and video quality, so that pleases me.

Honestly, file size on my 64GB J3 is not a big concern for me for the handful of videos I've put on it. That's why I bought the 32GB+32GB model. Much more important is audio and video quality.
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