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Old 09-08-2010, 12:05 PM
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Default Denon AH-C360. Any good for the price point?

So in between looking for a new DAP (got a thread up in General), I was searching for some potential IEMs to go with. I had my mind on seeing if anyone was selling Creative EP-630s or EP-830s (sub AUD$50 mark, would have grabbed the first ones I found). Browsing around Harvey Norman (big retailer here in Oz) I was accosted by a sales assistant who sought my monies.

Sales Assistant: "Looking for headphones? Do you have an ipod or an MP3 player?"
Me: "Uh... what?"
SA: "An ipod or an MP3 player?"
Me: "Um... just an MP3 player-"
SA: "Ah! You should look at these ones *points at IEM box* or maybe that one *points at AUD$300 headphones."
Me: "I'm just looking for earphones. Do you have any Creatives?"
SA: "Creatives are bad, no good, we don't have them. Here try these. *hands me Denon C360 box*"
Me: "I dunno, I'm looking at the $50 range."
SA: "Then try these. They're Denon, best earphones you can get. Don't get Creatives, they're bad. Or maybe you want to try those. *points again at the $300 headphones*"
Me: "... I'll think about. *hands back box*"
SA: "Okay, just call me when you make up your mind."

Aside from being implicitly told my opinion sucks and having a sales assistant trying to upsell me, are the Denon's actually any good? Can't find the Creative's anywhere (aside from online which raises price for shipping and thus reduces their appeal) so I'm actually considering them now.

For a bit of a comparison, here's the rivals near the price range at retailers.

Denon AH-C360 - $80
Sony EX55 - AUD$69
Sony EX57 - $69
Sony EX76 - $69
Sony EX77 - $69
Sennheiser CX300-II - $80 (I think. It varies)
Sennheiser CX270 - $69

So, yeah. Thoughts?
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