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Default Strengthening straight jack..

My Yuin PK3's finally quit on me. One side works, one doesn't. While attempting to fix them I quickly discovered I was mostly thumbs. I ordered a new pair while keeping the old pair as a little project. For the NEW pair:

1. I plan on getting a right angle adapter. Are they all created pretty much equal? Would a short extension be any better?

2. I've seen "shrink wrap" that goes around a cord. Does it come in a size that would slide over the new headphone jack and a few inches up the cord and still shrink enough to provide a decent fit?

All I want to do is shore up the original jack connection at the cord.
Any other thoughts or comments are welcome. My players are Sansa Clip and Clip+. Thanks.
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1. Yes and no, by that I mean some are way more expensive than others even though they do the same thing. I would not buy one of these, they’re just pure hype audiophile bs and overpriced, you can easily get by with a Neutrik right angle plug or a Switchcraft if you want a little fancier and lager plug.

2. There is a lot of different sizes and you should be able to find one that can fit over the plug and shrink down to the size of the cable being used but normally you slide them onto the cable before you solder and pull it back over the plug. Never tried one that goes “a few inches up” as you state but I have made plenty that are long enough to provide a good stress relief for the cable.

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Thanks WalksGood---- I'm not going to do any cutting on the new pair. I'm just getting a right angle adapter to plug into my Sansa and then plug my earbuds into that. Or maybe a small extension cord. Just something so the plug from the PK3's isn't sticking straight out and putting tension on the connection. As for the shrink wrap, I just thought maybe I could just slide it over the jack and up the cord a little to help strengthen that bit on the new PK3's. Hopefully shrinking onto the jack and a little ways up the cord. For my old broken pair I like the Neutrik. Thanks for the link.
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