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Originally Posted by sansajunkie View Post
Guess I'll have to wait a little bit longer. While I'm not opposed to a manual install of Rockbox, there is no bootloader installer for Rockbox for any AMS based Sansa such as the v2 c240.

What will keep me waiting a little bit longer is these little tidbits of information found here:

"Even though the bootloader installation and rockbox itself are tested, there's always a risk of BRICKING your device PERMANENTLY."

...and also...

"There's no known user-friendly recovery method for the AMS Sansas, those of them who can be unbricked (not all of them can) need to be opened, and they can be potentially damaged in the process."
nobody has bricked their player yet from what i have found(and i spent a couple weeks looking) out of the thousands of people who have rockboxed ams players you would think there would be reports of people actually bricking players if it was likey to happen, As i understand it, the warrning is there because early on a dev bricked his player(it happens) but no public release version has done this.

as to bootloader, thats easy, manual install is cake, but i think the rb util from the forums would do it for you...

I have rb's 8 or 9 fuzes so far(all ams) and had zero problems be it manual or rb utilitie installs.
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