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Default Headphones for underneath "ear muffs"

I currently only have a pair of noise canceling headphones, which though they sound fine and I'm happy with them, I cannot wear them when I'm playing drums. I like to play along with songs I like, but since I also like my hearing, I wear Vic Firth db22 practice isolation headphones. What I've been doing is borrowing a pair of my sister's iPod headphones and wearing them underneath. Then I can listen to the song on half volume, wear my ear muff protection over them, and still hear my drumming and the songs drumming. I would spend the $60 or so for the Vic Firth isolation headphones that are actually headphones, but I can't really wear those running/biking/walking outside. They're also impossible to wear during the winter when I need to wear a hat.

So I'm looking for something that's obviously better than the stock iPod headphones, but about the same size so that I can wear them underneath my drumming headphones. On the cheap would be nice too.

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V-Moda Vibes would give you decent sound and not too much isolation, so you can still hear your drumming. They're IEMs and basically better sounding than any cheap earbud, especially in the bass range. They're about $25 on Amazon.
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a few options here.

if you really want to keep using the earmuffs you have then dfkt's suggestins pretty good, also could get some ksc75's and put them in the muffs, a few people I know have moded them into the muffs for use when working in loud enviroments and its a cheap easy solution.

You could also grab a deal head-direct is running on the soundmagic pl-30's and a FiiOe3 amp for 30bucks
they sound great and the amp can be handy with any number of devices.

if you dont mind using another option that would do good blocking out most of the drumb noise

they are cheap(newegg charges 70 for them at the momenty and they go out of stock regularly, that site charges under 40 for them)

if you decide to get the last option, I can give you a few tips to make them sound their best.

I have other ideas but these are the top ones i can recommend
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Are there considerable differences between Vibe, Vibe Duo, and Vibe II? They're all listed here on Amazon and I'm not sure which to get.
Edit: I also asked this same question in the V moda vibe thread.
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