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@yoavbd123: Take a look at Why Rockbox? If there's nothing that just jumps off the list as a "must have" I would enjoy your player as is. Don't get me wrong, I have used Rockbox on various Sansas for about 3 years now. It works very well for me. On the Sansa e250 I have it's a necessity.

In the OF the firmware would corrupt between one boot and the next. It's limited to a 2 GB card and occasionally files just decided to stop playing. The equalizer is at best meh. If there were no Rockbox I would have ditched it long ago.

None of these things have occurred on the Sansas I've had since then. I have a Clip, Clip+ and a Fuze that have never been Rockboxed. I also have had at least one of each that has been Rockboxed. I enjoy the Rockboxed ones much more but any of the others are more than decent for grab and go listening.

After all it was the Sansa Clip and Clip+ that won top awards from here. Not the Rockboxed versions. The Fuze is just their bigger cousin with a screen and longer battery life. I'll forgive it's scroll wheel.

As each generation of Sansa firmware has come along it has addressed some, not all, of the shortcomings of the previous generation. The Clip+ has IMO come to the point where if there were no Rockbox I would miss it but still consider it my best pure music player.

For some reason some members have let their enthusiasm for Rockbox not let them see that they seem to be shoving it down the throats of people that may not be interested. Yes it brings a lot of features but it also brings the additional effort of getting those features set to your liking. That can be a lot of work. Or not. Rockbox in it's vanilla state is still pretty darn great for me.

I have given over 20 Sansas to people across the last 2 1/2 years. At some point or another I either put Rockbox on the player for them or showed then what Rockbox could do. It's still installed on all of 2 of them besides mine.

One of the people I gave a Rockboxed Fuze said quite simply that it was "too much damn work" to get it to their liking. All they wanted to do was put some tunes on it, charge it, turn it on and go. When I pointed out how simple it is to boot to the OF anytime they're response was essentially "why bother, if you get rid of it I'll have one less thing to remember, life's busy enough". I got lectured on forcing my "geek interests" on people that just wanted to listen to a few tunes while they commuted. I've since taken that to heart.

I've come to understand that while Rockbox is a be all, end all absolutely killer solution for me it's simply not needed for most users. Since I now understand that I can also see your reluctance to stop enjoying your player and having to start working on it instead.

Earlier in this thread I said
Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
It's a matter of thinking for yourself and not following just following the crowd.

Hang around. You'll get used to it. It's a great feeling.
Now's one of those times. Feel free to think for yourself.

Whichever way you decide to go if you pop back here and keep us up on how it's working for you I'm sure we'll be willing to help and interested in your progress. Have Fun.
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