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Those sony's drove me nuts, a buddy loaned me a set with those huge pads, uggg.

If you decide you want to try some nice but lower priced cans, the JVC rx900's are VERY comfy, and you can find them for under 40usd if you look, they are still a steal at 50 tho.

a few minor tips with the rx900's tho, remove the pads take the acoustic lens off and remove the felt under it, they sound alot better without it, and its an easy 10-15min mod (for both sides)

after some burn-in they sound great, nothing like the sony's, they are BIG but they are still comfy even for out and about(specially in winter).

Want to know how much I like those cans, I still bring them to work with me most days, despite having some very nice IEM's as well(that i love) they are just comfy and sound good, and they are pretty cheap

if the golden ears on head-fi dont say they are trash, they must be pretty decent.

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