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Default iTunes Sync and Compatibility

Hi there, everyone!

I'm new here, so sorry to bother you with a question that might have popped up already, but here goes anyway.

I have my entire music library in iTunes (Windows) - yes, I know! -, which took me ages to organize (artwork/tags), so I am not interested in transferring everything to another media manager and potentially screw up my tags. Also, I have bought music from the iTunes store, which means I need a portable media player that is capable of working with the AAC format (.m4u, nothing with DRM though). I really don't want to buy an iPod, but I do want to have a player that is capable of working with iTunes. My questions basically are:

1. Can the X-Fi2 sync with iTunes or do I need a third-party programme for that, e.g. the Creative Centrale, or is it really that bad?

2. Can the X-Fi2 display iTunes artwork or does it need to be embedded in the ID3 tags?

3. Does the X-Fi2 display non-roman (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, diacritics, etc.) characters correctly in the ID3 tags?

I know the answers to these questions for iPods: yes, yes, yes. I am hoping the answers for the X-Fi2 are similar, so I can buy it.

Or can you recommend a better (with regards to sound quality and compatibility to my "demands" above) 16 GB non-Apple PMP? I live in Finland, so please do not suggest a Cowon, as I cannot buy them over here. Most other brands should be ok though.

Thanks for your help!
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Default Japanese characters

Out of curiosity I downloaded Creative Centrale and let it go through my library. Some of the tags made in iTunes are not imported and all Japanese characters seem to be replaced by question marks. Any solutions for that?
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You could always edit the tags, and add the missing one's? And I'm sure iTunes and Centrale have different ways of doing things.. And aren't 100% compatible with each other. But to be honest, you can't expect much from Centrale, it's not an extremely good program.
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At The Moment its yes yes no
1. It Is Drag and drop, WMP, Itunes, Winamp ready ect
2. Itunes automaticly imbeds the artwork into the mp3
3. Songs in other Languages Play but they come up blank in the list (please add this to all your players creative if you are reading this)
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