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Originally Posted by Moonrakerone View Post
look up 128headphones on ebay. truly my favorite seller on e-bay. Awesome V-moda in ear headphones. (this sounds like an advertisement... i'm not related with them. honest. xD)
I'll sort of vouch for this. You can't beat the price but the headphones are no longer covered by warranty and they've been sitting in a hot warehouse for about four years. I found out the hard way.
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Originally Posted by lestatar View Post
In the sub-100USD category, do check the Hippo VBs. Yeah, I am a huge fan but they really are that good.

The Panasonic HJE900 are the new fave here at ABi - some have called them the IEM of all IEMs, a bargain at 150USD. I plan to get a pair myself soon.

Lots of other great phones out there for you to consider. I assume you have read the reviews here and these threads?

Besides price, important clue for getting good suggestions is what kind of music you generally listen to...

cheers and good luck,
Yea, I've heard the Hippos are great and honestly I think that's what I'm leaning towards, and I would really rather keep it under a hundred, so the Panasonics are kind of out of my picture =/

As for what kind of music, I mostly listen to hard rock and metal, but with a good sampling of just about everything thrown in.

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I got a fantastic pair of headphones.
Sennheiser HD 280 Pros

I paid $120 at a best buy for them. They feel solid, there not gonna snap like Skull Candies. There cheaper than Bose. And I there the best ones I've owned yet.

I'm not gonna lie: They can look awkward on your head. And in the summer they can get hot.

I'm not sure if they have perfect highs or lows or anything, But for me bass is big. They don't have to be deafening but its gotta be there. These will really kick with the Zune, and they seem to get every bass note clearly. However they balance really well, all the other parts of the song stand out clearly.

There very loud, but hardly ever leak out sound. At full volume, you would need a quiet environment like a library or waiting room, and at that point you don't need to drive them at full to get a great experience

I highly recommend them. Especially because you can order parts from their store if anything does break and they give you instructions to how everything works in the box you buy them in.
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I used to have a great pair of Sennheisers, but they broke and I'd stupidly disregarded the warranty slip. I tried to repair them myself (resolder the headphone jack connection), but it was such precision work and my big hands couldn't handle it.
- Grant F
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I have the Senn HD280. Nice 'phones. But not $120 nice.

What BB do you go to? They're always $99 on their website and they price the site match in-store. Also that link takes you to a place where the price is way too high. If you do your own search you shouldn't pay more than $80 for them tops.
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