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Sorry for not clarifying my previous post. 24/96KHZ seems to be the de-facto standard for ripping high-quality vinyl, not for normal CDs, obviously. Ripping a CD at 24/96 would be overkill.

My ears can definitely hear the difference between a vinyl ripped at 24/96 and one that's ripped at 16/44. And after hearing vinyl ripped at 24/96, especially high-quality reissues, I can't really stand listening to regular CDs, or any kind music at 16-bit for that matter. So much is lost.

Even on a Rockboxed Fuze, which downcoverts 24/96 to 16/44 there is still a noticeable difference. And on my SqueezeBox Touch, which plays 24/96 natively, the sound quality is amazing.

For me, 24/96 vinyl rips really bring back the qualities of the sound that has been lost during last 25 years or so of the CD era. And after the rip is finished, no more hassle of needles or dusty records!

Judging by the thousands of vinyls already available in 24/96 (as well as a lot of high-end 24/96 digital copies for sale, it would be a big mistake for Sandisk to not play Flac at 24/96. And it's a win-win situation, since Sandisk can sell more memory and bigger cards (I can only fit about 25 albums on my maxed out 8 gb Fuze with 16 gb card).

If you can't tell the difference, I can respect that--and in that case you can fit way more tunes.

Originally Posted by dfkt View Post
De-facto standard? It would be rather stupid to rip regular CDs to anything higher than their native 16/44.

As for "HD" formats: 24/96 sounds the same as a 16/44 rip, it's only that the HD layers on DVD-A's or SACD's are often differently mixed/mastered than the Redbook layer (not to mention they're often surround mixes as well). 24/96 for consumer audio products is a scam. There is no audible difference when you properly downmix a 24/96 to a 16/44 and ABX those files. As for vinyl ripped to 24/96... well, it's equally useless for the end user, but at least one has a decent backup for editing the files further.

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