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Originally Posted by ugn View Post
PDA functionality (except for audio/video) isnt requirement, because I will leave my current pda for apps and so on.
But I would like to be sure, that I dont miss any music functionality from PDA apps. Because you cant change music player application on dedicated PMP like on PDA.
Is there any user who has experience with transtition from pda/smartphone music app to dedicated mp3player ?
I looked that there is possibity to use RockBox on Fuze. Is there any significant difference in ease of use, functions and features between RockBox and J3 native "OS"?
I have used an Xperia X1, a N900 with their's assortment of media players (X1 runs WinMo and N900 Maemo 5), and I find a RB'ed Clip+ perfectly satisfactory. YMMV, though.
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