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Just received my Sony Hybrids. The construction is good and I can't detect any flaws in them that could yell: "I'M FAKE!"

I already tried them with my RE0 and I notice some difference in the sound. Now it's more clear than before and less dark, but the thing I really like is the fact that now I'm receiving a balanced sound with the same signature in both my ears.

Before I had them, as I previously said, I was using large double flange on my left ear and medium single flange on my right ear, because that was the only way I could get a nice fit. The problem is that my left ear was getting a dark, muffed sound and the right one a thin and clear sound.
At the time that really bugged me and I even thought my RE0 had some kind of problem.

Now things got much better since I'm using big hybrid on my left ear and medium hybrid on my right ear. The seal on the left ear isn't perfect, I would like XL sony hybrids on that, but it seams they don't exist.

It was a good buy, since it only cost me 4.39€ with shipping included to Portugal.

Thank you all for the opinions.
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