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Originally Posted by medion View Post
Sure, I'd love it, but it won't happen. IE6 Mobile and WinCE6 are essentially married. However, IE7 Mobile is supposed to allow for layout engine upgrades within the same OS, so WP7 won't have this limitation.

Only way the Zune HD gets a new browser is if the Zune HD gets a new Os, or if an app developer manages to make a browser in XNA for it, both of which are unlikely.

On the plus side, the last version of Windows Mobile 6.5 (6.5.3) still has some minor updates to the web browser that the Zune HD can benefit from. However, HTML5 compatibility and tabbed browsing aren't on the list.
WE CAN HOPE. Hahaha . . .

In all honesty, I would really just like a damn forward button.
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