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Originally Posted by Maxis View Post
Frankly Microsoft research hasnt impressed me not one iota.. sorry .. All the bull dung about market reasearch telling them that people dont give a damn about EQ and about people wanting automatic synch when zune software ver 2.0 came out said it all about their "research" in my opinion.

As for apple.. Lets see if they release an ipod touch or they leave all that money on the table..

No one is completely denying convergence .. HOWEVER.. some people are very concerned about having a jack of all trades /master of none device vs having a dedicated device that does what its supposed to do well.. There will never be total convergence or you will be leaving money on the table..
It's true. The VERY large majority of average Joe's do not know (and do not care) about custom EQ, automatic sync. I've said this before, and I'll say it again; the many do not care about the things we want.
You want research? Go out and ask people. I've certainly asked my fair share.

Quite honestly, Apple could go for years on the revenue that the iPhone/App Store/iPod Touch is giving them. They're in no rush to prove anything.

MOST people are very concerned about having a jack-of-all-trades device. It's people like us who care the most about niche devices like the Zune HD and the Cowon S9.

I would just like to point out that many people do not really care/know about the things you think they do.

Originally Posted by Maxis
Some people have higher expectations from their devices and prefer a more focused and feature rich approach.
Key word: Some. Quite honestly, it should be "very few." The great majority doesn't want to carry around multiple devices. We have come to the point that higher expectations can and will be met by next-gen mobile hardware. SoC's are getting faster and smaller year after year; most of the content we view/enjoy hasn't changed for quite a while.

Originally Posted by Icky6
Anyway, I don't know why more companies haven't tried to compete with the iPod Touch.
Samsung's "Galaxy S" without the phone has been sighted. Seems like a worthy competitor.
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