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My best pair of in-ear ever. Great match with my Cowon D2.

The V-type sound feel very natural to the ears (I was very disappointed with my Shure SE420 in that regard, they sound soooooo flat that you have to play with the equalizer quite a lot, only the very high noise reduction is of value).

I had to replace the provided silicon tips by thicker ones from Philips SHE9800 to get a good fit, the original ones are too easily squeezed, they just don't stick in the ears at all.

I was even surprised by the clarity of some instruments in the low trebles, which I could not hear so clearly with large open headphones like AKG K241. The soundstage on the Panasonic is nearly as large as on the AKG K241, which is quite a feat.

I did not hear much difference between normal and over-the-ear insertion since they are not built with a specific angle, but they are comfortable on both positions.

Really worth your money!

PS: one note though, the sound is VERY punchy, it may not please people looking for a neutral sound not tiring over long sessions.
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